Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Viva Chorão is a wonderful place for bird enthusiasts, where birds can be spotted from the comfort of the tower deck or while taking a sighting trek where the air around you will also resound with the chirping of a multitude of birds. We also conduct deliberations on the various bird species found around the island.

Motorboats maneuvered by the Viva Chorão team can be cajoled through the mangroves to look for birds, particularly the Siberian crane. The boat ride offers a ravishing sight of the sprawling Ribandar landscape across the Mandovi waters.

The Chorão Island is a haven of amazing flora and fauna. Here you will see lots of mangroves – the amazing and beautiful forests growing in the water. In the western part of the island, on an area of 178 hectares, the largest bird sanctuary of Goa is located. The reserve has got its name from the famous Indian ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali and now it proudly bears the name of “Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary”.

The territory of this National Park is inhabited by migratory and local birds of over 400 species. The crocodiles can also be seen among the aquatic inhabitants of Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.

For Bird lovers Chorão is a place which is not to be missed. The island of Chorão lies along the river Mandovi and it is very near to Panjim. To reach the island of Chorão one would have to go to Ribandar which is around 2-3 kms from Panaji and then take a ferry from the Ribandar jetty to reach Chorão.