Picnicking Paradise

Take a break from living life in fast lane and unwind in the lush green atmosphere, of Viva Chorão a rare commodity in your fast paced life. Viva Chorão is your perfect getaway from the mad rush of the city but well within the limit itself. With nature surrounding you, experience perfect bliss as your lungs breathe in pure oxygen, for a change.

Whatever be your desire, Viva Chorão has it all, summer getaways for generations as well as a popular getaway with history buffs and trekkers.

Viva Chorão offers you a myriad of activities to suit the anticipations of any age group. Its stunning infinity pool, the beautiful lawns, adventurous trekking, exciting fishing, fun cycling, amazing photography, dreamy sky gazing and loads of other attractions planned for young and old keep you coming back for more and more.