A Stunning Infinity pool

Visually stunning with a gorgeous backdrop of the Mapusa River, the beautiful man-made infinity pool, invites you to just sit back, relax, splash around, play games or just chatter over sandwiches in the garden.


Viva Chorão has an abundance of flora and fauna that make for an excellent photography expedition, or a simple laze in the grass. You can just set up base and explore the island for a mix of archaeology and verdure.

Trekking / Cycling

Nature and Culture make a heady combination at Viva Chorão. If you are looking for a wee bit of stretching on your lazy day out, you can go on a trekking / cycling jaunt around the island soaking in the ethos of history and nature.

Fishing Expeditions / Boating

You just can’t ask for a better place to relax and rewind, that’s for sure. Enjoy fishing by the river using traditional lines and experience the thrill of getting lucky with a big or a small catch.
We can also arrange boating rides that take you around the island through the backwaters. The delight of going along the calm waters and soaking nature at its best is a magical experience. You can laze on the boating trip and be lost from your busy world.